The Difference Between Managers and Leaders [Infographic]

Difference Between Managers and Leaders

What’s the difference between managers and leaders? The terms “leader” and “manager” are often used synonymously, yet they represent entirely different aspects of business. Those managers who aspire to take their careers to the next level and become a leader need to know the difference. Peter Drucker was the first nationally known management expert to […]

5 Easy Ways To Create Team Alignment [Video]

5 Easy Ways To Create Team Alignment

In this video I reveal five easy ways to begin developing team alignment for your business or nonprofit organization. Leadership teams were meant to lighten the load and create a more efficient way of management, they should function like a well-oiled machine.  However, many teams are poorly optimized and often dysfunctional. So in this video, I’ll […]

5 Ways Leaders Encourage Irresponsibility

And How To Avoid Them

Leadership Encourages Irresponsibility

Here’s five ways that leaders encourage irresponsibility within their teams and how to avoid them.  It doesn’t matter what size or type of team these five things can undermine the effectiveness, productivity and morale of your team. 5 Ways Leaders Encourage Irresponsibility 1. Jumping in too quickly. Leaders encourage irresponsibility by rushing in too early. […]

3 Simple Keys to Successful Team Leadership

3 Keys To Successful Team Leadership

Learning how to lead a team is essential for any business or nonprofit environment. Team leadership can be rewarding, but it can often bring soul crushing discouragement as well. I’ve read many leadership books that focus on individual practices and character traits of leaders. Many leadership training programs and consulting firms zero in on exactly […]

LinkedIn Profile Tips

If you’re someone who is relatively new to LinkedIn, I have compiled a list of the best LinkedIn profile tips from some of the leading power users. Since many of my clients are often dealing with promotions or making career changes, I wanted to provide a basic list along with some solid advise on how to set up your LinkedIn […]