T. L. Walters is the founder of Tetrad Platform Building and Leadership System and is devoted to the development of powerful platforms for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and helping others cultivate leadership skills in the business and non-profit communities.

A Much Needed Message

He is a speaker, senior-level leadership coach, and consultant who has worked with and spoken to a wide variety of public and private organizations. His practical framework can be used across the business and non-profit spectrum. Walters has been helping to redefine platform building and leadership in a personal yet practical way and has helped leaders to make a significant difference in their businesses, lives, and in other areas of their influence.

Leading From Experience

Walters has worked in high-tech manufacturing for 25 years, held senior leadership positions in nonprofit organizations for more than 3 decades and owned and operated his own businesses. He has devoted much of his professional life and education to the field of platform building and leadership development. 




He now does professional speaking on the subject of platform building and leadership development, holds conferences, seminars, workshops and retreats for businesses and nonprofits. He is committed to delivering specific, actionable ideas to impact today’s leaders.

Walters also does professional consultations and leadership coaching to inspire leadership at all organizational levels

Organizations Hire T. L. To:

• Creation of powerful platforms for entrepreneurs, small businesses and more! 

• Provide on-going leadership training and development

• Develop and amplify employee engagement

• Deliver practical, inspiring, and motivational keynote speeches

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I've been happily married for more than 40 years to a beautiful woman that I am proud to call my wife and together we have two adult children whom we love very much. Individually we have our own passions for helping people. Carolyn is a singer/songwriter and loves to help people through counseling and life coaching. We often have the opportunity to work together in conferences or seminars. 

I still believe in the amazing power of God to change individuals lives and the incredible potential everyone possesses. I continue to stand in awe at the immense and stunning beauty of the universe and the world we live in. I love the sight of my wife’s loving smile and the sound of her laughter. I love the comforts of home and my family being together around the table or in our living room.

I admire courage, honesty, optimism and the astounding wisdom of my father's generation. I like a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, dogs, movies that challenge me to be a better person, and discovering how to do almost anything more efficiently. I like common courtesy, occasionally listening to the blues, genuine friendship and the rhythm of a regular routine.

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